BWA.09.46Hi there, and thanks for stopping by my website.

I write smart, sexy urban fantasy and paranormal romance by letting my protagonists tell their stories through me. They take over, they want to do the can-can, they want to re-humanize vampires and they want to go down and visit Kali who is quite different from the dark, violent, annihilating force she represents on earth. In fact, she’s a dark Botticelli Venus in a lurid yellow bikini. But you’ll have to read NAILED to find out more about her.

I also write an anti-aging column and … follow those tips myself. You can too with a quick visit to  http://www.tujawellness.com/ and ask for The Age-Old War.

I de-stress from the rigors of life by jogging and walking my madcap of a terrier who has warped instincts. Instead of rabbits and squirrels, he stalks day-old pizza and leftover hunks of cheese. But I love him anyway.

Feel free to email me at beverleyburgessbell@gmail.com – I’d love to hear from you.

  1. Good blog page. Will try to follow your posts.


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